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Why Bern Blocks?

Bern Blocks facilitates community volunteers - activists who take responsibility of educating voters in their community. This approach can achieve seemingly impossible results over the traditional, hierarchical campaign model by doing the following:

  • Increase number of volunteers. Asking volunteers to remain active locally is more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Keeping volunteers engaged. By empowering volunteers with the responsibility of their community, they are highly motived to see their efforts result in a neighborhood electoral victory.
  • Making volunteers more effective. Our volunteers understand local issues, the neighborhood demographics, community events, etc., all of which makes them highly successful.

This all leads to votes. Lots of votes.

How Does It work?

When you sign up to volunteer, we use your zip code to locate other volunteers nearby. If there are more than 3 other volunteers within a 10 mile radius of your location, you automatically get added to their block. If you're the only volunteer near your location, you've given the ability to message nearby blocks and volunteers.

The system keeps your personal information private. As such, we suggest that you include your contact information when sending a message.

We Need Your Help!

  • Community Leaders Be the leader your community needs!
  • Developers C#, and LeafletJs; any programming experience is welcome.
  • Campaign Are you a representative of a liberal candidate's campaign? If so, how can we help?