Bern Blocks

Organizing for the Future

We're going to facilitate the growth of self-organized volunteers for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, and beyond. The platform will provide a means for volunteers to assimilate into ad-hoc blocks consisting of like-minded people in your vicinity with a mission to change the world.

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The Challenge

"One of the challenges that any serious campaign faces is how to deal effectively with volunteers. If you give them "make work" that is not useful or challenging, they're not going to come back. Nobody wants to waste their time. If you ask people who hate making phone calls to use the phone, they're gone. A good campaign is successful when it matches volunteers with the work they enjoy and are interested in. We need people to canvass and to maintain booths at the state fairs and on street corners. We need volunteers to hand out literature and to make phone calls, to work in the office in Burlington, to get out the mailings, and to run our computers. In the fall, we'll need supporters to help out in our regional offices. We have a lot of work to do, and this meeting is to get volunteers to do it."

-Bernie Sanders, Outsider in the White House